About Me

I am a biologist and personal trainer. I am certified by Nutritious Movement® as both a restorative exercise specialist (RES) and a Move Your DNA workshop teacher.  

I have always enjoyed movement and exercise. I was a competitive swimmer for many years, a keen runner and long-term yoga practitioner. As a biologist I thought I had a good understanding of what I needed to do to keep healthy and saw myself as strong and fit. However, starting in my late 20s, aches, pains and dysfunction crept in and although I was very good at swimming and running, there were other movement patterns that I struggled with: a squat for instance and I was generally as stiff as a board.

I started to do some research on my musculo-skeletal issues and I discovered the work of biomechanist Katy Bowman, director of Nutritious Movement®. Katy's scientific approach to human movement made so much sense and revolutionized my approach to health. I certified with Katy Bowman in 2013 and continue to learn with her and other leaders in the fields of alignment, yoga and movement including Lauren Ohayon, Jenny Burrell and the MovNat® and GMB fitness™ teams.


I can safely say I have a more functional body now than I did ten years ago. I love passing on what I have learned, and my goal is the same for everyone – to help people move better throughout their whole body so that they can live well and continue doing what they love whether that is gardening or Brazilian jiu jitsu.

My original training was in marine molecular biology and I was a research biologist for many years. I still love exploring rocky shore coasts for interesting critters, but I now use my training in cell science to understand and communicate what science tells us about human movement and health. 

I offer a science-consulting service for individuals and organizations and am busy preparing online science courses for anyone interested in movement, physical activity, ageing, natural movement, human health and evolutionary perspectives on heath - courses live in late 2019!

My hope is that my teaching inspires people to move more and in a way that supports living well and doing what they love.