Move Your DNA Workshops: 

Canterbury 28th/29th September 2019 

Helensburgh, Scotland 5th/6th October 2019 

Move Your DNA weekends are taught by 38 of the top Nutritious Movement®-certified teachers around the globe. The weekends are based on the ground-breaking book Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement by Katy Bowman. This book outlines not only the health ramifications of our sedentary lives but also a path to restore our health and movement capacity. The book contains suggestions for lifestyle and habit modifications, as well as a suite of exercises specifically targeted to restore movement and strength to those parts of the body most affected by our sedentary lives and most limiting our ability to move naturally and reflexively. In my opinion Katy Bowman’s restorative exercise program is the best resource on how to prepare our bodies for more natural movement. 

We work on how to move better first and then to move more. 

The exercises we teach are very powerful but require attention to the form of the exercise to get the most benefit. For this reason, we teach live 2-day workshops on all of the exercises so that you can learn how best to perform these exercises for your body. 

I have two Move Your DNA weekends scheduled for Autumn 2019 at opposite ends of the UK! 

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Price: $289 USD/Early bird price is $259 before 30th July (Canterbury) or 6th August (Helensburgh) 

Location Canterbury: Manor Barn, Cockering Road 

The studio is a beautiful light space, with separate kitchen for our use. Our walks are taken in the lovely Larkey Valley Woods a 5-minute walk from the studio. 


Location Helensburgh: Lomond School Dance Studio, Rhu Road Higher

In Helensburgh we are based at the Lomond school dance studio: a lovely big space with lots of natural light. We take our walks and outdoor movement practice in Duchess woods and Highland man’s woods which are located opposite the studio. 


Frequently asked questions 

There is lots of information about the weekends on the Nutritious Movement website here. But I wanted to address some questions I am often asked about the weekends. 

1. Is this workshop for me if I am not a movement professional? 

Yes! This weekend is designed as a lay-person event, the only requirement is to have read the book. There are usually several movement professionals at these workshops (yoga teachers, pilates teachers, physiotherapists etc) and this might seem intimidating, but you must remember that movement teachers are interested in improving their teaching and therefore learn a lot from being in a workshop with non-teachers and beginners. 

2. Is this workshop for me if I am a movement professional? 

Yes -see 1! These weekends are for everyone. They are designed for lay people with no specific movement knowledge, but the weekends are also hugely helpful for movement teachers and allied health professionals. Because we have a maximum of ten students and lots of time to focus on each movement, there is time for those with a deeper background to ask more nuanced questions about each exercise. I find that I tend to have a mix of movement teachers, allied health professionals and those just interested in the material for themselves. Both groups learn a lot from each other. 

3. What is the format of the workshop? 

The two days are divided into 90-minute movement sessions largely based on a single chapter in the book. There are breaks between each session and we take a walk/outdoor movement session each day with the remainder of the sessions being in the studio. There is plenty of time for questions and the last session on the Sunday is a Q & A session. 

4. What if I don’t have barefoot shoes? 

Do not worry! I advise you to bring your most comfortable walking shoes and we will discuss shoe brands, transitioning to minimal footwear and things to look for in a minimal shoe. That way you will go home with more of an idea about what shoe might be best for you. 

5. This sounds like a lot of movement. What if I have an injury/am pregnant/struggle with fatigue? 

There is 13 hours of movement instruction over two days which is a lot. However, it is all optional! If you need a break you can take it to watch others, make notes or just listen. If you have specific movement issues, please do get in contact as we can modify exercises so that you still get the benefit of these movements but without over taxing yourself. 

6. How will I remember everything? 

To help you get the most out of the weekend you receive a downloadable workbook which you can print out for notes. You are also welcome to take photos of me performing a move (or someone else WITH their permission) for your own use at home – but please not for online posting. You can always contact me after the workshop with any questions you might have.