Restorative Exercise and Nutritious Movement® 

My teacher Katy Bowman is a biomechanist and director of Nutritious Movement™. Her foundational message is that we are all under-nourished in terms of movement.

Although many of us would love to move more than we do, we are unable to because exercising may be painful and actually damaging to parts of us; hiking may be good for our lungs but painful for our knees, running great for the heart but damaging to the pelvic floor. Alternately maybe we do a lot of exercise but only in very repetitive ways so we are not getting the benefit of moving all parts of us, or perhaps we simply can't figure out how to fit more movement into our busy lives. This is where Restorative Exercise comes in. Developed by Katy Bowman, Restorative Exercise includes: a set of objective measures to enable us to assess how we move; exercises to improve how we move; and habit modification to bring more movement into our lives.


Restorative Exercise:   

  • is accessible to everyone but very effective 

  • is based on an understanding of body alignment 

  • teaches how to measure our ability to move and stabilize joints in the body

  • has a large suite of exercises designed to isolate and specifically target areas with low mobility or strength

  • has great power to bring about change through a combination of increasing body awareness and highly specific exercises 

  • includes tips for improving how your move throughout your day and how to bring more movement into your daily life

  • Includes progressive exercises and skill breakdown for natural human movements like walking, squatting, crawling, carrying and hanging