My original training was in molecular biology and I was a field and lab research scientist for many years. Since 2012 I have turned my attention more and more to what evolution and cell and molecular science can tell us about human health. 

Science Consultancy 

I currently work as a scientific consultant for individuals and organizations on a range of topics including: 

  • Cell and molecular science of movement and physical (in)activity 

  • Science of ageing with particular emphasis on the role of movement and physical activity 

  • Evolutionary perspectives for understanding human anatomy, human movement and health 

  • Human and Environmental health promotion 

  • Genetic disorders in relation to improvement/management through movement


Online Courses 

Coming end of 2019! 

The idea behind these courses are to provide with clear information on a number of science topics in relation to health and human movement/ physical activity. I see lots of misunderstanding in media presentation and interpretation of science as well as in online discussions; this is of course unintentional and largely unavoidable simply because most people don’t have a background in the topics being presented in the scientific literature. Most published science is written for other scientist in the same field. This means most scientific papers can be dry at best and impenetrable at worst. 

My aim with these courses is to interpret the science for you in an engaging and relevant way but also to enable you to be able to approach more scientific research yourself. 

First ones will be: 

1. Bone Health and Ageing: the role of physical activity with a particular focus through the natural movement lens 

2. Principles of Evolution: a course to explain principles of genetics, natural selection and evolution common misconceptions about evolution evolutionary mismatch theory current human evolution 

3. Immune Health – ageing and physical activity